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  • Teen Sleep Loss & School Start Times: The Minnesota Sleep Society has created a Teen Sleep Loss Tool Kit—everything a community needs when thinking about changing start times to align with teen’s biorhythms at APA, CDC recommendations.  https://www.mnsleep.net/school-start-time-toolkit/

  • Sports and Teen Sleep: The NCAA convened its first Taskforce on Sleep and Wellness in 2017 and dedicated a 6-page spread to the importance of sleep for athletes in its quarterly magazine. NCAA Champion magazine – The College Sports Guide to Better Sleep .  The Center for College Sleep also produced a 7-minute video featuring coaches and players talking about the importance of sufficient restorative sleep:  Sleep and Athletic Performance

  • Mental Health and Adolescent Sleep: More and more research is solidifying the bidirectional connections between sufficient, consistent, restorative sleep fosters mental health, and resilience. The Center for College Sleep has produced a 4-minute video featuring students, pediatric sleep physicians, psychologists, and health promotion advocates on Sleep and Mental Health.

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