Centennial Medical Park

The front of our building, accessible from 23rd Avenue North, has complimentary valet parking available during office hours.


In addition to the complimentary valet parking available at the entrance on 23rd Avenue North, there is an attached garage accessible from Murphy Avenue. The garage is shared with the TriStar Centennial Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Once inside the garage, look for signage for the entrance to the Medical Park building.


Note that the elevators in the Medical Park building, when entering from the garage, have two sets of buttons. One set (marked Medical Office Building Access Only) is for entrance into the building, whereas the other set (marked Parking Garage Access Only) allows you to access the garage. When leaving the clinic, be sure to look for the signage that says “Elevator to Parking Deck” to return to the garage.


Signage in the Medical Park building may or may not include Dr. Rager’s name and our clinic name (Rager Adolescent Health). However, we are co-located in the same clinic as Nashville Pediatric Cardiology and Infectious Disease. Just look for suite 550, and you’ll find our office!